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Add your product links directly to your photos. Your customers can tap photos and shop.


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Your customers can enjoy a native Instagram experience without rerouting or doing extra work to find your product. Easytap allows them to checkout within 2 clicks.

Features & Benefits

The power of Instagram

$1.53 Billion

The projected amount of ad spend on Instagram for 2017. Are you spending your marketing dollars wisely?


The amount of users who take action on a brand's page.


The average cost per click (CPC) you'll likely pay utilizing Instagram's current model.

The power of Easytap

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With Easytap's platform we can turn those everyday "likes" into real purchases. No more link shortening, copying urls in posts and losing potential purchases.

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We help small and mid-size brands maximize their earning potential in a simple and intuitive way.

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Everything you need to start selling from your Instagram account.

  • Daily Customer Analytics
  • Easy Product URL Link Integration
  • Hosted Instagram Shopping Site
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